Building Permits

In order to provide better service with fewer conflicts, please contact the building inspector 706-482-2711 as soon as possible to discuss your project and any plans that might be required. City Hall is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Permits are required before any grading, construction, installation of mobile homes, alterations or additions to buildings or demolition is started. Development plans are required for all construction/development, except single family residences.

State Licensed General Contractor is required for all Commercial Permits.

Building Codes and Administrative Procedures

Building Permit Application

Sub-Contractor Affidavit

General Contractor Affidavit

Building Demolition Permit Application Checklist

Additional Information

Below is some of the information needed to permit your project.

  • Property with a driveway accessed from a state road must be permitted from the GA Department of Transportation. This permit must be issued before a building permit can be obtained from the City. Residential permit requests should be referred to Dale Westmoreland at 706-348-4848. Commercial/other permit requests should be referred to District Access Management supervisor at 770-532-5563.
  • Check with the Planning Office for availability of water and sewer services. If sewer service is not available we require a copy of the septic permit before a building permit can be issued (issued by the Lumpkin County Health Department).
  • Water and sewer tap fees must be paid before or at the time the building permit is issued. Two separate checks, one for the building permit and one for the water/sewer taps will be required.
  • Building Plans are required for Commercial or multi-family buildings. Plan review can take up to three weeks.
  • For a single family residence, bring a survey of the property with the footprint of the house and the setbacks shown. You can draw the house and setbacks on the survey yourself. No part of the structure can be within the setback.
  • For commercial projects, a permit will not be issued until development plans have been reviewed and approved. Building plans must also be submitted and reviewed. Approval by state fire marshal may also be required, depending on use and size of structure.
  • All electrical, plumbing, low voltage and mechanical work must be performed by licensed personnel. These people as well as the general contractor must be licensed and registered with the City. Plumbing, electrical, low voltage and mechanical contractors must submit copy of state license, business license,a list of employees and a affidavit for each job. Affidavits must be in the office before a rough in inspection is given - Sub-Contractor Affidavit Form.
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Controls - The City of Dahlonega considers erosion and sedimentation controls a very important part of any construction project. An E&S inspection will be made. Silt fence must be installed in all areas deemed necessary by the inspector. A proper construction pad must be in place at all entrances to the site. Failure to maintain all E&S controls will delay inspections and could also result in fines.
  • Porta-john’s must be on site before inspections start. Sub contractor affidavits must be in the office before the rough in inspection is scheduled. To schedule an inspection, call City Hall 706-864-6133, one day before inspection is needed.
  • Street addresses are assigned by the Lumpkin County Planning Office. Once your driveway is installed give them a copy of your building permit and they will assign an address.
Subdivision, Multifamily or Commercial Plans

Subdivision, Multifamily or Commercial development plans are to consist of not less than the following and are to be prepared in accordance with the City's Development Regulations and Zoning Ordinance 91-9 which are available at City Hall or on the website:

  • Development/Site Plan - i.e. building footprint, parking, setbacks, landscape strip, etc.
  • Street Improvement Plan, if applicable
  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
  • Grading and Drainage Plans (include a Storm Water Plan)
  • Tree Plan per City's Tree Ordinance
  • Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) from State. If required will take two months or longer, the City will coordinate this review.
  • The initial review process takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Project Approval can take several weeks, submit your plans early.
  • If a variance, rezoning or annexation is involved, this process can take up to several months.
  • GA Department of Transportation (GDOT) Permit is required if driveway access is from state road. Contact: 770-532-5563.
  • NPDES Permit from EPA is required for any project which disturbs one acre or more. Contact: 770-387-4900
  • Street Improvement Plan, if applicable
  • State approved water and sewer utility plans
  • As built plans, if applicable
  • And any other informatin that may be requested.