Downtown Master Plan

SD530492The next twenty years will be crucial in testing Dahlonega'€™s ability to grow without sacrificing the qualities which have made it popular as a destination and desirable as a home. Lumpkin County will also face the same challenge of accommodating new development without destroying the landscape which defines it. As Atlanta continues to expand, these fragile environments to the north will face increasing pressure to change unless focused and aggressive action is taken to manage the city's form in the future.

This Downtown Master Plan and the accompanying appendix is one step in that direction. It has attempted to show where and how the city can expand and still be the small town that everyone knows and loves. The plan lays out a vision and a framework for progress to 2030.

This document is divided into eight parts. Please follow the links below to view any one or all of the City of Dahlonega's Downtown Master Plan.  It will be up to citizens and their elected leadership to chart a course over rough terrain using the plan as a guide.

Dahlonega Master Plan - Preface & Part 1

Dahlonega Master Plan - Part 2

Dahlonega Master Plan - Part3a

Dahlonega Master Plan - Part 3b

Dahlonega Master Plan -Part 3c

Dahlonega Master Plan - Part 4

Dahlonega Master Plan -Appendix

Dahlonega Master Plan -Design Guidelines

Contact Joel Cordle with the Dahlonega Downtown Development Authority for more information.

Environmental Conditions Study

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