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    The government of the City of Dahlonega is vested in a City Council composed of a Mayor and six Council Members. Each member will serve a four year term of office. To be eligible to serve as Mayor or Council member, the candidate must be a resident of the city for a period of one year immediately prior to the date of the election and continue to reside within the city during the period of service. To be a candidate for Mayor or City Council, one must be registered and qualified to vote in the municipal election of the City of Dahlonega and must meet the qualification standards required by the Georgia House of Representatives as of now, or may in the future, be prescribed by the Georgia Constitution.

    The Mayor

    The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City of Dahlonega. Mayor Pro-Tem is appointed each year.

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    Mayor - Honorable Sam Norton

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    (706) 969-3909

    The City Council

    The corporate powers of the government of the City of Dahlonega are exercised by the Dahlonega City Council. The Dahlonega City Council is responsible for enacting ordinances, resolutions, and regulations governing the City. Forty-nine specific powers of the city are enumerated in the City Charter, including the following: levy and collection of property taxes, license fees, franchise fees, beer and wine taxes, miscellaneous permit fees, hotel/motel taxes, and sales taxes.

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