Water Department

Dahlonega City Water Department

Annual Water Quality Report - 2016

The City’s Water Department provides safe, quality drinking water to residents. The system presently supplies water for about 5,500 customers and has received numerous awards for outstanding operations in the state of Georgia.

Water quality is tested continuously in the plant’s laboratory and treatment system. The City’s surface water is supplied by the 137 acre Yahoola Creek Reservoir completed in 2004, which should supply the community’s water supply needs for at least the next 25 to 30 years. Dahlonega’s membrane water treatment plant went on-line in 2010. The plant is currently rated at 4 MGD with an expansion footprint of 10 MGD by adding more membrane filters. The Water Department has staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle repairs and respond to emergencies.

The Finance Department is responsible for account setup, billing, and collection for the Water Utility System.



john jarrard

Water Plant Superintendent - John Jarrard

Waste Water Treatment

wastetreatmentIn early 1998, the City completed construction of a new waste water treatment plant. The plant can process one and a half million gallons per day. Current available capacity is 500,000 GPD with plans to expand to an additional 500,000 GPD. Computerized operations with the latest technology are employed. When the water has been thoroughly cleaned and is ready to leave the plant, ultraviolet light is used to provide fecal treatment. Finished water is discharged into Yahoola Creek and meets or exceeds all state and federal waste water drinking standards.







Waste Water Treatment Supervisor - Allen

Waste Water Treatment Supervisor - Allen "Buck" McCallister